Dec 31, 2014

Plan for 2015 - It's Your Life

Tomorrow is the first day of the new year.  You've probably been thinking about what 2015 has in store for you, what will happen, and how will things be the same . . . . how they will be different.

A lot could just "happen" during the next 365 days. After all, if you do absolutely nothing, life still happens, right?

But I propose we stop waiting for things to happen. At the risk of stating empty platitudes, I say: Let's take the year by storm!  

How? Well, I'm glad you asked.  The following topics are just a few that I will delve into this year. 

*Define your goals into something concrete.

*Develop and action plan to support those goals.

*Simplify all areas of life that don't directly contribute to your goals.

*Work with your schedule so that you are not a 'victim' of it.

*Boost your confidence by honing skills, increasing knowledge and changing habits. 

*Recover from set backs.

*Plan things to look forward to.

*Recognize and overcome distractions.

*Organize your stuff, and let go of emotional ties to physical things.

*Think ahead to avoid crisis management.

Realistically, you won't implement, or even find interesting, all of the above.  But you can make much of it work for you.  

January is GO month: 31 days to get kick start the year.  Every day for the next month there will be a post on this blog with tips and articles to assure this is the year that is DIFFERENT. So, take the advice of Star Trek's Jean Luc Picard and: "Make it so."

*Photo credit: This photo had no credit, but it nostalgically reminded me of one of those motivational posters I used to see hanging on office walls in '90s!