Jan 5, 2015

Plan for 2015 - Priorities vs. Real Life

What if you have chosen a priority, but keep procrastinating on getting started?  How do you know if you if you're ready to commit? Well, I'll share something with you about me. I think about losing weight ALL THE TIME. . . . every time I get dressed.  Every time I look at myself in a mirror, or look at old pictures of a physically fit me.  If I SERIOUSLY wanted to lose weight now, I wouldn't have just eaten four double-chocolate brownies.  (Four very dense, very rich brownies. Holy cow my stomach hurts.) 

The truth is, I just don't want to lose weight bad enough to make it a priority. When I'm ready, I'll shore up what will power I have, and take on anything else needed to get there. I might have to research information on sugar addiction, emotional eating, diabetic predisposition, etc.  But I'm just not ready to start the work or stop the behavior. So am I really ready to commit to losing weight? No. I'll just be a squishy version of myself for a little while longer.

BUT I am definitely ready, and for the most part excited, to do other things to support making HEALTH and WELLNESS a priority for 2015.  Here are the specific activities I've started:

  • drinking more water
  • playing actively with the kids
  • taking vitamins at breakfast and dinner
  • replace caffeinated soda at lunch with water
  • replace sweet snack after dinner with tea
  • healthier snacks for me and the kids mid afternoon (1 new snack a week)
  • exercise with the kids as part of our morning routine 2 days a week
  • smaller entrees; more veggies/salad on plate
I can take comfort in the above that I'm not a complete gelatinous lump.  But what I'm trying to show by example is that I pretty much know when I'm ready, and I'm guessing you do too. You can feel it in your gut that now is the time for change. You're ready to accept the work it takes to get there.  

When I really want something, I find myself thinking about it a great deal.  Not just in a "oh-I'm-so-tired-of-splitting-my-pants" sort of way, but thinking about what I want to do, in specific, productive ways.   I look forward to measuring my progress, perhaps competing with like minded people online. I read about the subject, finding new resources to keep me excited. And I talk about it with friends and family. 

What they won't hear me talking about for the next three months is brownies.  I've got too many other things I'm working on!


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